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ESL Founder and Esports Vet Jens Hilgers Teams Up With Blockchain Game Ember Sword

July 23, 2019


ESL Founder and Esports Vet Jens Hilgers Teams Up With Blockchain Game Ember Sword

So Couch Studios has announced that they are expanding their team with the addition of Jens Hilgers, Founder of ESL (one of the oldest esports companies still in operation), as So Couch’s new Strategic Adviser.

Earlier in the year we were lucky enough to interview So Couch and dive into their game Ember Sword, a free to play MMORPG game on the blockchain. Feel free to take a listen to the interview above so you can hear So Couch describe the task they are undertaking in Ember Sword. We couldn’t be more excited for the game.

In fact they even released a new teaser trailer!

For those of you unfamiliar with how blockchain tech can help gaming, think digital trading of skins, weapons, digital cards, in game currency, houses and land you claim in game, etc. You own them, you sell them, you do whatever you choose to do with them in order to enhance your game experience.

With Jens being brought in, it just shows the commitment that So Couch has to making Ember Sword a game that allows Gamers to seamlessly integrate into blockchain technology and the new, forward thinking, way of game asset ownership, as well as keeping up with their vision of creating a competitive MMORPG experience and Ember Sword Esports scene.

We’re thrilled to have Jens Hilgers embark on our journey of pioneering a new type of competitive MMORPG experience for the next generation of players. Jens is an Esports godfather and a gaming pioneer with paramount insight into the competitive nature of games, and his knowledge and experience will end up greatly benefiting players of Ember Sword.

Mark Laursen, CEO and Founder at So Couch Studios.

Ember Sword captures that magic blend of PvP-focussed RPG combat and a true persistent open world served in a format that is easily accessible across multiple platforms. A hard design and technology-challenge that I firmly believe the team is able to deliver on. Excited to contribute my esports experience!

Jens Hilgers

We will bring you more news as it’s released, as we are keeping close eye on Ember Sword.

How do you feel about the pairing of Jens Hilgers and Ember Sword? What do you hope to see out of this MMORPG? Have any more questions on how blockchain tech helps games? Let us know by writing us here, or tagging us @CoinBoysPodcast on Twitter or Instagram.

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