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If Internet Connects Minds, Then VR Connects Souls

June 27, 2019

If Internet Connects Minds, Then VR Connects Souls

Recently on The Coin Boys, a crypto, gaming, and technology podcast, we interviewed Miro Shot who is using VR to give the public an entertainment experience seldom seen.

If you haven’t heard the interview (First off you should! We conveniently have it posted at the top) Miro Shot describes a fully immersive concert experience that is a unique experience for each individual. Using VR and other tech to control senses like touch and smell, we are completely surrounded by Miro Shot’s vision of their art.

Which brings us to the future. Roman (of Miro Shot) fully admits this is just the beginning. The tech is going to get better and better, but it will be on us to push it. It’s every Artist’s dream to completely surround the audience in their art. Thanks to VR and AR, that is becoming more and more a reality (no pun intended).

Imagine a future where you could invite anyone into your world, literally. Not just building a forum or website for like minded people, but baring your soul to them in a digital format. Allowing others to share in an experience that you wish to share with them.

This will also bring the masses together in a way that has never been possible before. Can’t make a concert because you live too far away? Well now you can have a great experience right from the comfort of your own home, and I am certain Ticketmaster will somehow still find a way to charge you a “Convenience Fee”.

This is the future we are headed towards, and it’s a future that I look forward to. I feel it will really take art to the next level. See you in the future! (And by future I mean next week on our newest episode)

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