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Cryptocurrency’s User Experience Problem, and the Push for Mass Adoption

January 16, 2019


Cryptocurrency’s User Experience Problem, and the Push for Mass Adoption

There are many reasons why crypto is taking a long time for mass adoption. One thing that seems to keep escaping developers is making their project user friendly. It sort of feels like many projects are taking the Field of Dreams approach, “build it and they will come”… But can they us it?

On our podcast The Coin Boys, a cryptocurrency podcast, we were lucky enough to speak with Taylor Monahan from MyCrypto to discuss the creation of MyCrypto, and the future of the project. During the interview she stated how one of the reasons MyCrypto was even started was as a solution to how difficult it was to exchange Etherum when it was first introduced.

Since that time that problem has been greatly improved, but in the majority of projects out there the problem still remains.

I’ve kind of come to the conclusion that one of the worst aspects of these things, especially now that DApps are becoming more and more popular, is how disjointed the entire experience is.

Taylor Monahan, Founder and CEO of MyCrypto on “The Coin Boys” Podcast

She has an excellent point. We have all been there. You want to try a new DApp because it seems interesting, only to be met with a far greater amount of steps than you wanted. More often than not you’re directed to some 3rd party website that you may or may not trust fully yet. Still, if those are your only problems then you’re one of the lucky few that easily understands how to go through that process in the first place.

MyCrypto is one of a few projects looking to help streamline this process, and it can’t come soon enough. We are all in the crypto space because we know this is technology we need to start implementing. Frequently on The Coin Boys we ask, “does the project have utility?” but now we need to ask, “can everyone use it?” If the answer to that is no, then is this worth my investment now, or should we wait until we see the working product?

What do you think of this as a priority? Should user experience be in the minds of developers sooner? Or should this still remain a final thought? Feel free to comment below , email us, tweet us, or call us at 424-372-7437
and tell us what you think.

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