The Coin Boys: In depth with Brave & BAT

February 19, 2019


The Coin Boys: In depth with Brave & BAT

This week on The Coin Boys, a cryptocurrency podcast, we had the wonderful opportunity to speak with Jonathan Sampson, Sr. Developer Relations Specialist with Brave to discuss the new Brave Browser and Basic Attention Token (BAT). We talk internet history, and how blockchain technology can really benefit users and businesses alike when browsing the internet.

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  1. Nick

    Oh man, I didn't realize how massive the potential savings could be if more people used the Brave browser. With Speed Reader and ad blocking, people (especially ones living outside of the US) that are paying per Mb or Gb could really save a lot on their mobile data bills. Thanks for taking the dive into this subject. My ears really perked up when you started talking about Marc Andreessen, the way they covered him and Netscape in the series 'Valley of the Boom' was so interesting. I was really hoping to hear more about Brendan Eich in the series but no luck :( - Great interview guys, would love to hear more about anything surrounding this subject. -Nick

    • mm

      Coin Boys

      Thanks! Yeah we also learned a lot during the interview. It is why we do the Podcast, we may be ignorant to other problems that this tech can solve. Thanks for the comment!

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